Tip To Create In-Depth Articles With Done-For-You Content

Yesterday I was reading an article called, “Stop Shaming Recipe Bloggers For Writing A Lot“.  In the article a blogger was talking about how she gets people to read her recipes – she includes extra information that people want to know about them.

Here’s an Example Of How To Create In-Depth Articles

For example, if she is working on a peanut butter cookie recipe and wants to know what people who search for that term are looking for – she’d come up with a list like this:

  • peanut butter cookie recipe for one
  • peanut butter cookie recipe for 2
  • peanut butter cookie recipe from scratch
  • peanut butter cookie recipe for high-altitude
  • peanut butter cookie recipe using natural peanut butter
  • peanut butter cookie recipe using chunky peanut butter

There were also a whole bunch of terms that talked about things such as:
using almond flour, no eggs, 3 ingredients, using coconut flour, that are sugar-free, for diabetics, or using margarine.

Create More In-Depth Articles By Giving People The Information They Want To Read

As you can see you can pick one or two of these and talk about them in the recipe.  If you’re not sure about some – find the answer somewhere else.  Then link to the blog that talks about the topic you decided to dig deeper into such as using almond flour or coconut flour instead of flour.  Along with linking I’d add my opinion or paraphrase what they said.

By doing this you’ll make your content more in-depth.

You can use Google (or another search engine), but I didn’t.  I used something far easier called go to a search engine AnswerThePublic.com.  This site is a great researching resource.

It is one of the sites I use a lot so that I know what people want to know when they’re looking for information about certain topics.

You can use the site for any topic – it doesn’t have to be about recipes only.


Another Example Of How To Use This Awesome Site

I checked Keto Flu and got a few questions that people want to know:

  • Keto flu or actually sick (this was worded a few different ways)
  • Keto flu symptoms
  • Keto flu symptoms how long
  • Keto flu day 1
  • Keto flu is it real

I’ve found that when you use Answer The Public sometimes you’ll have to use a broad keyword and other times you can use a more niche or specific keyword.

5 Reasons To Create More In-Depth Articles For Your Audience

As you can see you can use this site with all the done-for-you content that you’ve purchased.  Add one or two of these types of questions per article and you’re going to do so much for your content.

  1. You’ll get a longer blog post.  This is a good thing because people like longer content.
  2. You’re showing your authority and expertise by answering questions that people have in their heads when they’re reading your article.
  3. You’re making the done-for-you content unique and adding your voice to it.
  4. Google likes information-based articles and the more questions you answer the more Google likes that.
  5. You can take snippets from the blog post and use it on your social media to get people to your site.

Done-for-you content is a way for you to save time.  It is a foundation for content, courses, recipes, newsletters and so much more.  In order for people to connect with you – you’ve got to add more to it.  That way they can get to know who you are.


P.S. This will work for any of the done-for-you content packs you’ll find at Niche Starter Packs.

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