Tips For Creating a Sales Page

Tips For Creating a Sales Page

You Can’t Sell Based on What People Say They Want

How many times have you heard people talk about sales copy and swear they can’t stand hyped up sales pages? Problem is, it’s those very pages that convert the highest – so someone’s either lying or unaware that deep down, hype is what makes them eager to buy.

I know that when I get on one of those sales pages they find my problem and then address how they are going to help me figure it out and get through it.

High Converting Sales Pages Is All About The Hype – But Be Careful

Hype is one of those words that is often thought to be derogatory and false, but there’s a huge difference between hype and lies. Hype can sell an idea and fire people up to buy – whereas lies only hurt you in the long run and turn people off forever.

So, when you’re creating your sales pages from the PLR products you’ve bought here are 3 easy things to remember:

  1. Offer a great deal
  2. Make it worth their while
  3. Please them with the end results

People may say they don’t purchase from hyped up sales copy, but statistics show that’s not true. So give them exactly what they want.

Sales Pages Represent a Dream – Does Yours?

Most people are drawn to online sales copy because it represents a dream or a vision they have and they end up willing to take a chance on the product – if it’s presented properly. That is your job. You need to present your product properly to the right audience.

Not only that, but hype can be something or some way that you do things. It’s either specifically a type of promotion or a way of promoting things with an exaggerated method. This is typical of what online entrepreneurs attempt to do when promoting products.

Don’t Lie In Your Sales Copy

The thing to be careful about is that we’re not promoting blatant lies. It’s okay to grab an audience’s attention with bold and colorful benefits as long as it doesn’t lead them to pay hard earned money for a product that’s not worth the time and effort that it took to write the hype.

People may say they don’t want to read through hype in a sales letter, but statistics show that most people buy based on information they received through the promotion – and sales letters in particular.

I will skim through sales copy unless I am really interested in the product. Then I want all the details because you usually don’t get a sneak peak. I have questions in my mind and if those aren’t answered I’m less likely to buy.

Learn How To Coax Your Customers For Higher Conversions

There are reams of information and research which show that consumers want to be coaxed into making good decisions by reading, listening to or viewing data that can make a difference in their future success, personal goals or in some way, transform them into the person they want to be.

Hype shouldn’t be about lies or misinformation because you’ll burn your bridges if you do this. People will remember that they got scammed and by who. It should reflect the true value within the product you’re selling. Presenting it in a sales letter designed to attract and convince the audience to purchase is a tried and proven way to boost your sales and gain an audience you can depend on to purchase more from your site.

Spy On Successful Online Marketers For Ideas

If in doubt, take a look at how the honest and successful online gurus promote their products. Chances are, you’ll find some sales copy which could be considered hype by some. Look at the value offered and decide for yourself.

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