The other day I added a new Sugar PLR report in my PLR Store called Sugar – Is It the New Enemy?  Today I’m going to go over how you can help your customer and be an affiliate for a program.

When I was searching online today for some tips I found that the 21 Day Sugar Detox is a popular search term.  So I went to see if this term was trademarked.  I found it was and that the product was on Clickbank!

The site is very well designed and has three packages that you can promote, so the easiest thing for you to do is to promote something that is already up. Plus they provide promotional tools.   Not only that, but if you’d like custom graphics they listed an email for you to contact them and ask for it.

April’s Advice:

You’ll need to find the people interested in a sugar detox.  Start with your list first.  Here are the steps that I would do.

Step 1

Sign up as an affiliate to the 21 Day Sugar Detox on Clickbank.

Here is the link to become an affiliate:  21 Day Sugar Detox – Become an Affiliate

Step 2

Write or buy articles to combine into a report or a report to use as a free bonus.

You can get one of these reports:

Kate Reiger – Crack the Sugar Habit Bundle  – Coupon Code APRILSUGAR (Save 50%!)
April Lemarr – Sugar – Is It The New Enemy? Report
Tracy & Susanne – Sugar Detox PLR Articles
Sue Fleckenstein – Evils of Sugar PLR Bundle

Any of these products would work amazing and all are from high-quality PLR providers, but the best bang for your buck is Kate Reiger’s Crack the Sugar Habit because it is a bundle that has multiple parts and you’ve got a couple to save 50%!

Step 3

Take the report and add your voice.  This can be with new tidbits about sugar, articles you’ve found or stories about yourself.  Then add images.

Also make sure to add links to the 21 Day Sugar Detox program with your links.  You’ll need to add them throughout the report.  I would probably do it every page or page and half if you’re able to.  Make sure that the links are blue and hyperlinked.

The 21 Day Sugar Detox has banners, so you can also add one or two of those throughout the report.

Step 4

Create a separate email campaign for the sugar detox list.

You’ll need to create the email campaign with GetResponse, Aweber or whatever email program you so that when you create an opt-in page you’ll have all of the information available.

Step 5

Make an opt-in page so that you can give away a free report about Sugar.

There are several ways to create an opt-in page.  You can use HTML, Thrive Themes or Clickfunnels.

Don’t get stuck on the process – just get it done.  If you don’t know how to do HTML or you don’t have the other then use your site – create a little bit of sales copy as a post about the report and put an opt-in form at the bottom.

Go to the campaign you set up in your email software and set up the bonus to go out immediately.  You can include the download link inside the email or you can create a thank you page with the download link in it.

You’ve got pros and cons for both ways.  If you have the email campaign set up for double opt-in then they might not confirm if they already get the download page, but you can give them an option to purchase a product on the download page.

Usually it takes more than one contact in order for people to buy, so I’d probably have the download page URL or download link inside the email.

Your goal is to sell them the 21 Day Sugar Detox program as an affiliate.

Step 6

Set-up an email autoresponder series in GetResponse or Aweber.

In Kate Reiger’s Crack the Sugar Habit PLR Bundle she includes 21 email autoresponders.

The first step would be to read through the emails.  Put your voice in them, take things out or add to tips that are already there.  Then at the end of each one or every other email put a little blurb about the 21 Day Sugar Detox program.

When you’re done personalizing the emails take them and set up in your email software under the campaign you created in step 3.  You’ll need to set these up so that they go out starting on Day 1, Day 2, until they are finished or you could also set them up for every other day.

I know that I said this was for sugar detox, but I’d also buy Lee Murray’s 21 DFY Weight Loss Email pack and add these to the end of the detox campaign.   Or you can wait until you start getting traffic, but both of these packs are formatted for email – so they wouldn’t take much to get them loaded into your email program.

Step 7

Add sugar articles to your blog.

You can either buy sugar articles or write them.  I’d add as many as you can to your blog.  Your main objective is to get people to opt-in to your report to get on the sugar detox email campaign.  At the end of each article include the Free Sugar Report Opt-In Form.

Again, I’d take a few minutes to personalize the PLR and add images.

When they sign up for the report they will be put on the sugar detox campaign.  Make sure this is not the same one as your main newsletter.

There you have it.  In 7 steps you’ve created a free bonus, set it up and are now on your way to promoting the 21 Day Sugar Detox program to your audience that is interested in detoxing their body of sugar.

If you have any questions – please let me know.


P.S. If you need help customizing you PLR take a look at Arun’s PLR Rewriting Formula eBook.



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