In this video I said it was video 9, but it is actually 10.  I did a whole bunch together and rearranged after to fit a better content delivery schedule.

I talk about setting up categories for the site that you are going to be putting the PLR on.  While this doesn’t sound like an important task in the beginning, it is.  You want your site to be organize and if you’re coming up with categories on the fly then you could create too many categories.

For example if I was putting up a travel safety tips article and I decide to call the category travel safety.  Then a couple of weeks later I put up another article and I name the category travel safety tips.  As you can see they are very similar and that creates more categories on your site that readers will have to navigate through.

Try to keep it simple for people to use and get around.


Not sure how to structure your categories?  Here are two resources to check out.  Both are by Leslie Samuel at

Do you need help setting up your categories?  Tomorrow I will show you the categories I decided to use on my site and why I picked those.




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