A few days ago I had someone contact me and she said that PLR Sellers support each other really well and wanted to know how to do that in her industry.

If you’d like to participate in the vlogging challenge Tiffany is holding it.  You’ll find it here –  https://nichestarterpacks.com/VloggingChallenge

Here are the tips in writing if you’d rather read them:

1. Get to know other people in your industry.  This usually means that you find them on Facebook and become their friend.  You can like their Facebook group or page, but I mean their personal Facebook page.  This is really important.  Then get to know them by commenting and participating on their posts.


2. Create or find a Facebook group of like minded individuals.  The PLR group has a Facebook page where they require quality PLR.  We announce when we are having sales or have new PLR products that are being launched or have already been put up in our stores.


If you are going to create your own I would make a list of people you believe sell quality products and ask them to join.
3. Make a Google Calendar that everyone has access too and can list their product launches on.
The key is to create a community so that everyone has access to the information and that the products are quality.  If you recommend stuff that isn’t good people won’t trust you anymore.




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