In this Pre-Written Vegan eCourse & Report Bundle, you’ll be able to teach your audience on a variety of different topics about living a vegan lifestyle such as how to go vegan and what you can eat.

As well as the critical role it plays in their new healthy lifestyle.

In order for their new lifestyle to work, they need to learn how to switch from a regular diet to a vegan lifestyle.  The first step is to help them get out of overwhelm and start to understand how to switch.

This can be confusing for a lot of people.

They can use this information to really understand the diet and motivate themselves.  When they know what to expect – they are able to be successful.

Going cold turkey isn’t easy for everyone, so it might not be the best option for all of your audience – with this pre-written bundle you’ll be able to go over the pros and cons of making such a decision.

The Pre-Written Vegan PLR Bundle will help you teach your audience how to overcome obstacles in order to live a vegan life.  They all think, act and need different things and that is why this bundle will help them.  Not only does it provide a report that walks them through the change, but it also has a 10 day eCourse that gives them bite-sized information.

In this Pre-Written Vegan eCourse & Report Bundle you’ll get:

  • Vegan Living – A Healthy Beginning (22-Page Report, 4,269 words, 10 sections)
  • 10 Day eCourse – Vegan Living

 Get The Pre-Written Vegan eCourse & Report For Only $27!

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Section 1 – Vegan Living Opt-In Report

You’ll get a 22-Page report that goes over living a vegan life, what to expect and how to handle being a vegan.  This report can help you grow your subscriber list or combine it with the eCourse to create a product to sell.

Use it as a lead magnet in your business and teach others how to live a vegan lifestyle.

Here’s what you’ll get in your report:

Vegan Living – A Healthy Beginning

22-Page Report, 4,269 words, 10 sections

  • What Is Vegan Living?
  • Why Eat Vegan? What Are the Benefits to Your Health?
  • Why Eat Vegan? What Are the Benefits to the Environment?
  • What Can You Eat? Learning about the Many Amazing Food Options
  • What Can You Expect When You Go Vegan?
  • The Pros and Cons of Going Vegan Cold Turkey
  • How to Go Vegan One Meal at a Time
  • Supplements? Are They a Necessary Part of Being Vegan?
  • How to Handle Dining Out and Talking about Vegan Living with Friends
  • Are You Ready to Embrace Vegan Living?

Get in Word & Text document


But that isn’t all you’ll get….

Section 2 – Vegan Living eCourse

With this section you could use the eCourse as a follow up with everyone who signed up for the report.  You can either give them the 10-Day eCourse as a gift or offer it as a payable product.

April’s Advice:

There are a few ways that you can use the download page.  Instead of creating a thank you and download page for the opt-in make a sales page for a $7 or $17 item.  Use the eCourse as your product.  This is the perfect time to have people transition from your subscriber list to your buyer’s list.

This is a great combo of an opt-in and then a low-cost entry product.  The more extras you include to the eCourse the more you can charge.  Options might be a checklist, resources, examples and daily videos giving encouragement and tips for living this diet lifestyle.

Here’s what you’ll get in the eCourse:

10 Day eCourse: Vegan Living

Day 1: Vegan? Make sure you’re getting enough iron in your diet
Day 2: Protein powerhouses for vegans
Day 3: No dairy? Simple ways to make sure you’re getting your calcium as a vegan
Day 4: The importance of B-vitamins
Day 5: What about fats if you’re a vegan?
Day 6: What to do when you’re hungry – snack ideas for a vegan diet
Day 7: Breakfast ideas on a vegan diet
Day 8: Lunch ideas on a vegan diet
Day 9: Vegan dinner menu ideas
Day 10: Is vegan living expensive?

Take advantage of this Pre-Written Vegan eCourse & Report bundle because it’ll help you increase subscribers and educate your readers about living a vegan lifestyle.

Get The Pre-Written Vegan eCourse & Report For Only $27!

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