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Acai Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie bowls, also known as acai bowls, are a great way to have the delicious flavor of a smoothie, in a bowl with a variety of different toppings. The following 10 PLR articles go over the basics of smoothie bowls, including how to make them healthier, the formula to make the smoothie base, and of course what toppings to use! You also get an article on taking Instagram-worthy pictures of the acai bowls.

You also receive 10 Tweets and 10 Facebook posts as a bonus with this pack.

Smoothie Bowls PLR Topics

  1. Easy Formula For Building Your Smoothie Bowl (499 words)
  2. 5 Delicious Toppings For Your Smoothie Bowl (484 words)
  3. Start With a Thick, Fruity Smoothie For Your Bowl (489 words)
  4. How to Increase the Health of Your Smoothie Bowl (458 words)
  5. Why Everyone Should Be Eating More Smoothie Bowls (454 words)
  6. Ways to Make a Dessert Smoothie Bowl (482 words)
  7. Tips For Photographing Your Smoothie Bowl (544 words)
  8. How to Decrease the Calories in Your Smoothie Bowl (462 words)
  9. Make Your Bowl More Interesting With These Exotic Fruits and Toppings (499 words)
  10. How to Make a Smoothie Bowl in a Jar (458 words)

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