5 Ways to Use One Piece of Done-For-You Content


Did you know pre-written content can be the gift that keeps on giving? I truly believe this. The fact that you can use them more than once is one of the benefits of done-for-you content.

Not only can you use the articles provided as they are, but you can also turn them into different types of formats.

By turning your blog posts different mediums that your audience can find you from, it increases their marketing potential. You’ll also get a lot more for your money if you can use the posts in more than one way.

To give you a little inspiration, below I’ll reveal 5 ways to use one pre-written article.

1. Use it for social media

One of the best ways to use pre-written articles is to add sections of them to your social media. If you thought keeping up with your blog was hard work, staying on top of social media can be even harder.

You need to post daily on social media to stay active and keep your fans and followers interested. However, coming up with ideas for new posts isn’t easy. So, by taking little snippets from a pre-written article, you can have multiple social media posts ready to go.

This is actually one of the ways I use social media the most. I’ll go into my done-for-you content for inspiration and once I find a small snippet that I resonate with – I’ll post it in my Creative PLR Challenges Facebook group.

Sometimes I’ll change up the wording a little so that it works with what I have in mind while other times I leave it exactly as it is.

2. Create effective emails

You can also use articles to create effective emails. While many of my pre-written content packs come with emails already included, you could still use the articles to create your own email sequence.

This is a powerful way to make sure that the entire series or content is read by your audience. Usually, when people are interested in a subject matter they want more than one piece of content to help them figure out what to do, how to do it or if they even want to continue.

Once the article has been posted to your blog, you can then create an email to send to your subscribers. This will link to the blog, ensuring it is marketed to your subscribers while also helping you to keep in contact with your customers.

I know someone who has her email autoresponder software set up so that each time she posts on her site it automatically gets sent as an email. That way she doesn’t have to send both. If you struggle with sending those emails, this would be a great way to share your content with your audience.

3. Turn it into a video

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to use pre-written content is to turn them into a video. You’ll likely already know that videos can be much more effective than written content.

But it also helps people who prefer to watch video over reading or listening via audio.

Woman holding up mobile phone

By turning the article into a short video, you’ll find it attracts new visitors and keeps viewers engaged for longer. People also retain the information they see in a video much easier than they do with written content.

So, this is definitely a format you’ll want to experiment with if you do invest in done for you content.

Another aspect to think about is when you create a video people will be able to see you or hear your voice. This builds a connection with your audience that other forms of content just can’t do.

4. Create an infographic

Similar to video, infographics can also be an effective marketing platform. This will take you a little longer to create than a blog post, but the results are definitely worthwhile.

Take the key pieces of information throughout the article and find statistics to back it up. Then, put it all together in an infographic and see just how effective it can be in comparison to the stand-alone article.  

BLOG POST: How To Create an Infographic From a Top 10 PLR List

Well done infographics can go viral because they give all the information people want in a well-formmated graphic.

5. Use it on your blog

Finally, the best way to use pre-written content is to add it to your blog. Done for you content can be placed directly onto your blog with zero changes. However, I personally wouldn’t recommend doing this because you want to make sure that you’re adding your voice to the content.

So I’d change the blog post or content a little to make it unique to your business, add your stories and included resources that you’ve found.

The most important three things to change are the title, the intro paragraph, and the conclusion.

You can also add relevant keywords to the article or add extra paragraphs in to make them a little longer. Once you’ve added it to your blog, you can then share it via your social media and email.

There are so many great ways you can use pre-written articles. Above are just 5 options open to you.

Newsletters are another format you can use with pre-written content, and you can also market it on forums as well as social media.

Using done-for-you content in different ways is limitless. You can use it almost anywhere that you’d use the content you write personally.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


P.S. What are you waiting for? Invest in done for you content today and see just how beneficial it can be for your business.

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