Save Time and Money With Public Domain Material

Amy Harrop has a new product out called Easy PD Profits and talks all about public domain and how you can profit from it. In the beginning, she goes into what public domain is and how it works.

She talks about others using your work because you took it out of public domain and how you can make it your own and not have others use it. Some great advice here.

In the book, she is going to go over 5 different ways to earn money with content and images that are public domain.

The 5 ways to earn money are really great and the examples that she gives are outstanding. You’ll get a description on how to do them and why they work.

I like three things about this product.

1. The 5 ways to earn money are very doable and if you pick one and stick with it you will earn money.

2. She has TONS of reference links throughout the book. These include websites that you can find the public domain works, examples of what she is talking about and additional training.

In fact, she gives so many references and trainings for a wide variety of topics that this product is worth its weight in gold – just from these alone!

On page 38 she has a tutorial on how to find popular tutorials that people are highly interested in. Very informative and spot on. You could take this piece of information and use it to create amazing tutorials for your personal sites or as a product.

You can easily take the word tutorial and change it for any other word to find topics in your niche that people want to learn about!

3. She gives several examples of works created by public domain that fit each way that you can earn money. You can start to “see” what she means and how you can turn a profit with these different ways to use public domain.

With this, you’ll also get a public domain dashboard that gives you several sites that offer sites that you can find material on. ¬†This is an amazing piece of software because it will literally save you hundreds of hours searching for what you are interested in.

The 5 different ways to earn money on a variety of ways such as Kindle, Print on Demand and Images. You should find one that really interests you.

With the Easy PD Profits you can either use the information to enhance your website or you can use public domain content to save you hundreds of hours in content creation or hundreds of dollars hiring ghostwriters.

You could easily use this information to create your Cookbook Empire.  With public domain recipes and PLR (from PLR sites like TribeBloom or KitchenBloggers) you can have one stream of income without paying ghostwriters hundreds of dollars or spending hours and hours getting it set up.

You can find the review of Cookbook Empire here.



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