Brandable GDPR Content Bundle

June 21, 2018

In this Brandable GDPR Content Bundle –  articles, a report compiled of the articles, keywords, and royalty free images, you’ll be able to give your audience more information about how to use General Data Protection Regulation in their business.

Privacy is important for everyone. It is our duty to take care and to keep our clients’ and customers’ data privacy safe. Teaching your audience about GDPR helps them know what this law is and how they can be compliant in their business.

If your audience lives in Europe or if they have customers who live there they need to know this important information.

In this content bundle, you’ll be able also to teach your audience what GDPR is, how it affects them and ways to be make sure that their business is following the laws.

The Brandable GDPR Content Bundle will help bring in traffic and readers to your blog because you’ll be talking topics about ways on how to handle the privacy and right of personal data of your clients.

As an online business, it is our responsibility to reassure our visitor that they are safe and we respect their rights,

The Brandable GDPR Content Bundle will help you teach your audience about how to use GDPR in your business!

Done-For-You GDPR Report & Blog Post Content Bundle

Get It All For $17!

Section 1 – GDPR: 5 Important Things You Need to Know

You’ll get a 12-Page report all about General Data Protection Regulation.  This is a great opt-in because it talks about GDPR in their business.

Use this report to grow your subscriber list.

Here’s what you’ll get in the report: GDPR – 5 Important Things You Need to Know, 5 sections, 2,239 words

Report Section:

  • What is GDPR?
  • Why Was It Created?
  • Who Does GDPR Affect & Who Is Protected?
  • GDPR: How Does it Work
  • GDPR: 5 Ways to Be Complaint

But this isn’t all you’ll get….

Section 2 – Articles

This section is where you can guide your reader’s to sign up for the main opt-in report or let them know more details are available in a report that is for sale.

  1. ) GDPR: How Does it Work? (429 Words))
  2. ) GDPR: 5 Ways to Be Compliant (455 words)
  3. ) What is GDPR? (436 words)
  4. ) Who Does GDPR Affect & Who Is Protected? (461 words)
  5. ) Why Was it Created? (424 words)

Section 3 – Keyword Research

I’ve come up with 200 long tail keywords all related to GDPR. You’ll find some of these are what people like to call low-hanging fruit keywords while others have more searches.

But these are all high-targeted keywords that have the potential to easily get on the first page of search engines with. Search engine optimizing is important, so get a head start with this list.

PLUS BONUS – Royalty Free Images

Images are expensive to purchase, so I’ve found royalty free images that you can use with the articles or inside the report.

Done-For-You GDPR Report & Blog Post Content Bundle

Get It All For $17!


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