How To Use Canva Templates With Done-For-You Content

February 18, 2021

How To Use Canva Templates With Done-For-You Content

You can find so many beautifully designed Canva Templates on the web and they work really well with done-for-you content.

I’m walking you through the steps on how to take one of my Canva Templates at Dragonfly Design Lab. I used the Catchy Hue template but you can use any. I paired it with a done-for-you pack at Niche Starter Packs on Growth Mindset.

Watch the video tutorial below:

You can use any content. This means done-for-you or content you’ve created from scratch.

You’ll learn how to bring a Canva template into your account and copy it so that you always have a fresh copy.

Then I do an over-the-shoulder tutorial on taking the content and creating an opt-in.

This opt-in wasn’t completely finished. I’d need to add my copyright info, about me page, finish the resource page and then add images throughout.
But it shows you the foundation of how to:

  • Drag and drop Canva pages
  • Move elements around the Canva pages
  • Change colors to match your branding
  • Delete the pages you don’t want
  • Add links inside your lead magnet
  • And so much more…

After I do all of that I show you how to download the eCover and use the marketing templates that are included in my Canva Lead Magnet Design Kits at Dragonfly Design Lab.




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