My Favorite Private Label Rights Service Providers

Find High-Quality Done-For-You Products From These Sellers

When you use customizable content, DFY products, done-for-you training course or image templates – you’ll want to make sure that you get quality products.  As a creator of this type of products myself, I know a lot of the people and sites that offer this type of service.

I will be adding my favorite providers below.  I know that these are quality providers because I’ve bought and used the products or I get review copies and see the quality of their products.

There are so many types of ready-to-use products types and I’ll add a variety.  This could include DFY training courses, recipes, social media templates, ready to use eCovers, pre-written content (articles, reports, eBooks), checklists, lead magnets, resource pages and so much more!

Niche Starter Packs. This is my site and I provide tons of high-quality topics. You’ll find topics such as health, fitness, parenting, business and so much more.

Content Sparks

Sharyn Sheldon provides DFY training kits that you’re able to put to use quickly. Sharyn spent 20 years creating marketing and training programs for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

You’ll find the following categories:  Business & Management, Professional Development, Sales & Marketing

Kitchen Bloggers

I absolutely LOVE this done-for-you content.  Why?  Because it’s food and who doesn’t love food?  Trish Lindemood provides ready to use recipes that have been kitchen tested and amazing food images that she takes as she’s cooking the recipes.  Plus the DFY recipes are super easy to use on your blog or in your products.

If you’d like to try her recipes out first – take a look at her Free Taste Test PLR pack.  This includes 3 Kitchen-Tested recipes with original food photos.

She has a fun monthly membership called Bite-Sized Monthly.

Use Coupon Code: April7 to get it for only $7 the first month.

You’ll get a different food theme every month with 8 recipes, at least 20 original food photos, Top 10 Tips sheet, unannounced bonuses and exclusive “members-only” access for the first 30 days.

Take a look at this blog post that I did on how I used one of her recipes on my lifestyle blog.

Coach Glue

Melissa Ingold and Nicole Dean run this site together and they provide planners, done for you workshops and customizable training kits for coaches.  These can be used for other types of businesses as well, but they do slant the content with that angle.

Click here to get the most popular done-for-you coaching letters for free.

They are also offering a free Guide to 21 Powerful Ways to Use Instagram to Get More Coaching Clients

Buy PLR Today

Sue Fleckenstein has a site that offers customizable content on multiple topics.  Each bundle offers different types of brandable pieces such as reports, articles, eCovers, journal pages, Powerpoint slides and royalty free images.

You’ll find the following categories:  Business, Health, Lifestyle and Self Help content.

Sue offers a free 30 Day PLR Challenge that teaches you how to use what you buy.

Want to test out Sue’s content?  Check out this bundle:  Free Cross Fit PLR

Health & Wellness PLR

Jennifer Andersen owns the Health and Wellness PLR site.  She writes all of the content herself and is a prolific writer, so you’ll get tons of options to pick from when you visit her site.  You’ll find reports and articles, as well as graphics.

If you need a lot of health-related content fast – I’d check out Jennifer’s store.  You’ll find a wide variety of content bundles to buy.

She has several options that you can pick from:

Having all of these options will help you decide what is best for your budget and your business.

Check out this free PLR Pack:

Want to test out Jennifer’s content?  She has a TON of free customizable content on her site, but the Natural Health Articles and Infused Water Tips are the most popular.

Piggy Makes Bank

Tracy Roberts & Susanne Myers run this site and have carved out a niche in done-for-you challenges.  They offer other customizable content as well.

Categories on PMB:  Self-Help, Business & Blogging, Health & Lifestyle

They have two monthly membership that will help you grow and engage your audience:

These are both pre-written challenges that have 30 days worth of blog posts and emails.  So many possibilities for this content.

Want to try their ready to use content first?  Look what they are offering for free – Make Over Your Mornings Mini-Challenge or their Disaster Preparedness Articles & Checklist.

PLR Mini Mart

Tiffany Lambert used to be the ghostwriter to the guru’s. Now she provides pre-written content for others on her site at PLR Mini Mart.  She has over 900+ bundles on her store!

Whole Food PLR

Rachel Youngson provides Whole Food and Paleo ready-made content for anyone in the health and wellness niche on her stie at Whole Food PLR.   This content is very specific for whole food and paleo, so works perfectly for that niche.

Tools For Motivation

Tools For Motivation. Ted Payne and Justin Popovic provide self-help content for your needs.

Master PLR

Master PLR. Susie and Geoff O’Dea have pre-written health content.

List Magnet

List Magnets. Alice Seba provides list magnets in several different niches so that you can get the subscribers on your list.

Tribe Bloom

Tribe Bloom. The folks over at Tribe Bloom provide some amazing pre-written content, as well as high-quality videos

Content Shortcuts

Content Shortcuts. Ruth Pound has some amazing products.  She has two monthy memberships on health and self help, but also provides individual pre-written content as well.

White Label Perks

White Label Perks. Kelly Mccaussey and Samantha Angel own this site. You’ll get beautiful social friendly images with all of your pre-written content.

Flaming Hot PLR

Flaming Hot PLR. Arun Chandran has top-notch ready made products. You’ll find a variety of PLR, plus his email is the best around!

Internet Slayers

Internet Slayers. JR Lang owns this site.  She provides mega packs of content for you to dominate your niche!

 All Private Label Content

All Private Label Content. Melody Spier has tons of high-quality pre-written content.



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