Pre-Written Search Engine Optimization Content Bundle

May 4, 2018

In this Pre-Written Search Engine Optimization Content Bundle – a report, keywords, and royalty free images, you’ll be able to give your audience more information about search engine optimization.

The purpose of a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others, is to deliver relevant content to their audience based on their search.

If you use SEO, it  ensures you that search engines shows your website as a choice when a customer searches for information related to your niche. In many ways, SEO is just a way to ensure that people find you, so that you can grow your traffic and your business.

As you can see, a search engine optimization is a must when building your name online and make people find you..

In this content bundle, you’ll be able to teach your audience how to use SEO correctly.  When they know how to use them properly they’ll gain all the benefits of SEO.

You’ll also be talking about what they can learn in what makes SEO as a whole such as – analyzing your keywords, analyzing your competitors, link building and so much more.

When people are just getting into using SEO they have no idea how much they can do with them and this content bundle will help them discover what it can do.

The Pre-Written Search Engine Optimization Content bundle will help bring in traffic and readers to your blog because you’ll be talking about topics that people are searching for – what to consider when using SEO for your website.

The Pre-Written Search Engine Optimization Content Bundle will help you teach your audience about using SEO for the benefits of letting the world know what your site is.

Pre-Written Search Engine Optimization Content Bundle (Report, Ecourse, Keywords, and Royalty Free Images) – Get It All For $37!

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 Section 1 – Getting Started with Search Engine Optimization

You’ll get a 20-Page report all about Search Engine Optimization.  This is a great opt-in because it talks about great things these Search Engine Optimization can do.

Use this report to grow your subscriber list.

Here’s what you’ll get in the report: Getting Started with Search Engine Optimization Report, 9 sections, 5074 words

Report Section:

  • Intro
  • SEO Basics
  • Developing Your Keyword Strategy
  • Creating Your Site Structure
  • 17 SEO Tips to Help Improve SEO on Your Site
  • SEO Technology and Tools That Make It Easier
  • Why User Experience Is Important for Good SEO
  • Writing Content with SEO in Mind
  • To Get Started

But this isn’t all you’ll get….

 Section 2 – 10 Steps to Auditing Your SEO Ecourse

This section is where you’re going to follow up with everyone who signed up for the opt-in report.  You’ll be able to provide them a 10-Day eCourse on ways that they can budget and save money.

Email Day 1 – How SEO works and creating SEO goals? (511 word)
Email Day 2 – The Technical Aspect of SEO (2163 word)
Email Day 3 – Analyzing Your Keywords (352 word)
Email Day 4 – Analyzing Your Competitors (366 word)
Email Day 5 – User experience is a key factor (530 word)
Email Day 6 – Writing and creating SEO-friendly content (1062 word)
Email Day 7 – Link building for SEO (1067 word)
Email Day 8 – Simple ways to drive traffic (559 word)
Email Day 9 – Bumping conversions through marketing and promotion (870 word)
Email Day 10 – Tracking your progress (602 word)

Section 3 – Royalty Free Images

Images are expensive to purchase, so I’ve found royalty free images that you can use with the articles or inside the report.

Section 4 – Keyword Research

I’ve come up with 200 long tail keywords all related to search engine optimization.. You’ll find some of these are what people like to call low-hanging fruit keywords while others have more searches.

But these are all high-targeted keywords that have the potential to easily get on the first page of search engines with. Search engine optimizing is important, so get a head start with this list.

Pre-Written Search Engine Optimization Content Bundle (Report, Ecourse, Keywords, and Royalty Free Images) – Get It All For $37!


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