White Label Energizing Content Bundle

June 8, 2018
Energizing Yourself Content Bundle

In this White Label Energizing Content Bundle – report, ecourse, keywords, and royalty free images, you’ll be able to give your audience more ideas on energizing themselves.

Do you sometimes feel that you are tired and lack energy? Feeling tired is normal since we all have very busy and stressful lives. You’re not the only one – your audience probably faces the same issues.

Staying positive in life is important.  When you do this you’ll enjoy life more.

This bundle will give your customers the encouragement and motivation that they need to help them feel positive and energized.

This White Label Energizing Content Bundle will help bring in traffic and readers to your blog because you’ll be talking about topics that people are searching for – how to continually feel energized because sometimes life can be draining.

Having a healthy and positive mindset is essential to feeling energized in your life. People would want to change their thinking from a negative mindset to positive and energizing mindset.

The White Label Energizing Content Bundle will help you on making your life more energizing.

Done-For-You Energizing Report & eCourse Content Bundle

 Get It All For $37!

 Section 1 – Recharge Your Body: How to Overcome Fatigue and Get Your Life Back

You’ll get a 25-Page report all about Recharging Your Body. This is a great opt-in because it talks about how you can recharge your body in different ways.

Use this report to grow your subscriber list.

Here’s what you’ll get in the report: Recharge Your Body: How to Overcome Fatigue and Get Your Life Back, 8 sections, 6,421 words

Report Section:

  • Why You Feel Exhausted Even on Your Best Days
  • How Mental Exhaustion Affects the Whole Body
  • How to Overcome Mental Exhaustion
  • Activities That Raise Your Physical and Mental Energy Levels
  • Revitalizing Foods to Boost Your Energy All Day
  • How to Rest If You’re an Insomniac
  • Colors and Scents That Add Pep to Your Step
  • How to Improve Your Energy by Staying Hydrated

But this isn’t all you’ll get….

 Section 2 – Ecourse

This section is where you can guide your reader’s to sign up for the main opt-in report or let them know more details are available in a report that is for sale.

Email Day 1 – Limit Your Options For Less Indecision (504 words)
Email Day 2 – Power Off Your Electronics And Give Yourself A Break (547 words)
Email Day 3 – Cool Your Body to Invigorate Your Mind (704 words)
Email Day 4 – Stretch Your Muscles (484 words)
Email Day 5 – Boost Your Circadian Rhythms With Sunlight (412 words)
Email Day 6 – Practice Proper Posture To Feel More Energized (472 words)
Email Day 7 – Deep Breathing Gets Your Blood Pumping (387 words)
Email Day 8 – Stay Hydrated To Ward Off Dehydration (545 words)
Email Day 9 – Make Your Bedroom A Fortress of Comfort (585 words)
Email Day 10 – Ensure Your Nutrition Needs Are Met (489 words)

Section 3 – Keyword Research

I’ve come up with 200 long tail keywords all related to Energizing. You’ll find some of these are what people like to call low-hanging fruit keywords while others have more searches.

But these are all high-targeted keywords that have the potential to easily get on the first page of search engines with. Search engine optimizing is important, so get a head start with this list.

PLUS BONUS – Royalty Free Images

Images are expensive to purchase, so I’ve found royalty free images that you can use for the articles or inside the report.


Done-For-You Energizing Report & eCourse Content Bundle

 Get It All For $37!


All PLR Products that you purchase from me are non-refundable.

PLR Rights Terms:

  1. Don’t pass on PLR rights to anyone, so your customers only get personal use rights.
  2. Do not put my name on it.

Please note – this is PLR that I have bought a special license to sell. I have added a lot of extra components to the package to make it even better and more useful for you.  But rest assured It is high-quality content. I provide it because I want to make sure my customers get the opportunity to purchase what they need when they need it. Make sure you don’t own this already. I will always let you know if a pack is under special license or not.



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