You’re probably like most of us and have heard dozens of times in your life that it’s important to set goals.  You might even set them in for your life and business.

But do you talk about them on your blog?

People need help setting goals, keeping motivated and not getting overwhelmed once they have set their goals.

It’s one of those things that matter but can seem elusive or even unattainable to a lot of people. I think that’s because we often look at the concept in the abstract, so it might be a hard topic to approach or talk to with your audience.

However, in order to really make goal setting stick, they need to examine the specifics of it and to focus on the reality of just what creating intentional objectives can do for their life. 

Being intentional and setting goals can make a huge difference in their life but most people don’t know how to do this effectively.

They run into obstacles and then give up.

Get Stuck

Without setting concrete and specific goals, its easy to fall into the never-ending cycle of complacency.

You’ve probably felt this and so has your audience.  It’s that awful feeling of being stuck in a cycle of going nowhere or living your life on auto-pilot.

The amazing thing about setting goals and checking in on your progress is that it allows people to visualize the outcome they wish to achieve. This gives them focus and lets them know they have some control in their life.

That empowerment is motivating and is essential to moving forward.

This is one big reason to talk about goal setting on your blog.  Helping people move forward in their life is the reason most of us started a blog and work online.

Break It Down

Sometimes the things we want for ourselves seem too massive to consider.  This means we’ll make a goal, get overwhelmed or can’t even imagine being able to accomplish the goal because it is so big and then we don’t take any action to work towards turning the dream into reality.

You’re audience experiences this as well.

Making a goal can help break these giant dreams into smaller, more manageable portions that allow people to track progress and actually see results as they happen.

For example, just because they know they want to earn more money doesn’t mean they know where to start. It often makes me wonder what they can do in order to go from point a to point b. It is too broad.  So instead a goal could be to gain a promotion at work or learn a new skill to help earn a pay increase.  By adding this step this goal can seem less intimidating and more realistic to accomplish.

Be Accountable

Goals help people be accountable to their dreams and themselves.

This can get tricky because it’s easy to ignore the promises you make to yourself.

That’s why people love participating in challenges.

14-Day Done-For-You Challenge: Reignite Your 2019 Goal

Would be a program that they can sink their teeth into and start seeing results with.

It’s also important for them to share their goals and dreams. Some people won’t share them with their family, but if they have a supportive group of like-minded people – it is easier.

A group like this helps them be accountable to each other and will make them more motivated to turn their  dreams into reality. Humans simply respond better to accountability.

Live Best Life

Finally, goals allow your audience to focus on what they really want to accomplish. That helps give them a  purpose and serve as a map to help guide them in the direction they need to go.

When someone makes the decision to do something different, they’ll need to make specific changes in their life to accomplish it.  That means they’ll be acting in a proactive manner and move forward with purpose, rather than succumbing to what life throws at them.

It’s far more rewarding to approach the world this way.

These are just a few examples of the importance of setting goals and that is why talking about goals is important on all types of blogs.  Goals can be in all areas of your life and can be personal or business related.

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