DFY Essential Oil Basics Combo PLR Bundle – Vol 1

July 6, 2019

earn Commissions By Recommending Essential Oils To help With Great Skin To Your Audience

Knowing the basics of essential oils can help people understand more about how they are able to help them and encourage your audience to use them more often as a natural remedy.  That is where this done-for-you content pack comes in. 

Essential oils are oils that are extracted from parts of flowers, plants, and trees. The oils come from the flower petals, bark, leaves, seeds, roots, and fruits. Even a single drop of oil from these parts of a plant or tree can have drastic positive impacts on mental and physical ailments. 

With essential oils, people have the option of using just one for its main benefit, such as lavender to relieve stress, chamomile for insomnia, or Frankincense for allergy symptoms. They can also make blends to have a different scent and help with more ailments at one time.

Using this high-quality PLR content on your blogs is only the beginning of what you can do with it.  Essential oils is a HOT topic and you can also recommend products for your audience to purchase.  They're going to want to know what you use or recommend.

Tons of Different Products To Promote With These Essential Oil PLR Bundles 

You can find several different affiliate programs such as Amazon or you can sign up for a direct sales company like Young Living.  Just find a company that you believe in and that offers high-quality oils.

It can be used to promote items like:

  • Essential Oils
  • Lotions
  • Supplies
  • Natural Perfumes
  • Diffusers & Inhalers
  • Carrier Oils
  • And So Much More....

You'll get high-quality PLR content that you can use on your website or blog to appeal to different niches such as a mom blog, health, wellness or a lifestyle blog.

Using this high-quality PLR content on your blog is only the beginning of what you can do with it. Essential Oils is a HOT topic and you can also recommend products for your audience to purchase.  They're going to want to know what you use or recommend.

DFY Essential Oil Basics Combo (Vol 1) PLR Bundle

Get It All For $47!

PLR Bundle 1 – Essential Oils For Great Skin ($27 Value)

This PLR Bundle has a 21-page report, 5 articles (the report compiled), intro emails, 50 social media posts, keywords and bonus royalty free images.  You'll find ways that you can use essential oils for skin care, as well as the best essential oils and a couple of recipes that will help.

Check it out:

You’ll get a 21-Page report, "Essential Oils For Great Skin". This is a great opt-in because it talks about the essential oils people need in order to get great skin.

Use this report to grow your subscriber list.

Report Section:

  • How Do Essential Oils Benefit the Skin?
  • 5 of the Best Essential Oils for the Skin
  • Top Ways to Use Essential Oils to Gain Maximum Skin Benefits
  • 4 Awesome Homemade Skincare Products Using Essential Oils
  • Best Tips to Follow When Using Essential Oils on the Skin

You'll also get a Canva eCover Template, 50 Social Media Posts, Keyword Research Done For You and Bonus Royalty Free Images

I’ve come up with XXX long tail keywords all related to essential oils and skin care. You’ll find some of these are what people like to call low-hanging fruit keywords while others have more searches.

But these are all high-targeted keywords that have the potential to easily get on the first page of search engines with. Search engine optimizing is important, so get a head start on this list.

PLUS BONUS – Royalty Free Images

Images are expensive to purchase, so I’ve found royalty free images that you can use for the articles or inside the report.


PLR Bundle 2 – Essential Oil Basics ($27 Value)

This is an essential oils PLR bundle that has several aspects to it.  You're going to get a 30-page eBook, a Canva eCover template, 10 articles (the book broken up), keyword research and bonus royalty free images.

Here's what you'll get:

30-page eBook, 5,230 words, "Essential Oil Basics"

Use the eBook template that is provided and put it for sale on your site to earn profit or use it on your site to get traffic.  You can also take bits and pieces out of it and add it to your social media platforms.

Even though this is formated into an eBook template that doesn't mean it has to stay that way.  You can use it for whatever you'd like to

Check out what you'll get in the eBook template...

10 sections that talk about the following:

  • Different Types of Essential Oils
  • Risks of Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils to Keep in Your Medical Cabinet
  • The Best Essential Oils for Anxiety
  • The Best Essential Oils for Massage Therapy
  • The Best Essential Oils for Skin Care
  • The Best Essential Oils for Sleep Problems
  • Making Your Own Perfume with Essential Oils
  • Can I Make My Own Essential Oil?
  • Nine Essential Oil Buying Tips 

The eBook template is compiled of the PLR articles below.  You'll find them formatted with headings, subheadings and images.  This will save you time and let's you repurpose the content quickly and easily. 

So this is a great way to buy a plr ebook that you can put to use right away.


You'll also get a Canva eCover template with this PLR pack.  

This makes it much eaiser to use your brand colors, change images that you want to and add your own title to it when you use the eBook template provided.

Use this PLR as a report and get subscribers or you can break it apart and turn them into blog posts.

I’m not done yet…

As you can see you're getting three high-quality PLR packs that sell on my site individually for $54, but you can grab it for a discounted rate right now.

DFY Essential Oil Basics Combo (Vol 1) PLR Bundle

Get It All For $47!

After you purchase this bundle – you will get to immediately download all of your content!

All PLR Products that you purchase from me are non-refundable.

PLR Rights Terms:

  1. Don’t pass on PLR rights to anyone, so your customers only get personal use rights.
  2. Do not put my name on it.

Please note – this is PLR that I have bought a special license to sell. I have added a lot of extra to the package to make it even better and more useful for you.  But rest assured It is high-quality content. I provide it because I want to make sure my customers get the opportunity to purchase what they need when they need it. Make sure you don’t own this already. I will always let you know if a pack is under special license or not.

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