Mega Business Article Bundle

In this Mega Business Article Bundle, you’ll be able to teach your audience on a variety of different topics such as podcasting, market research, and networking

Discussing different topics on your site all on business will help you bring in a traffic and readers to your blog.

People in business are all in different stages of their journey and they are researching different ways they want to run their business.  This is where you’ll come in with these topics that will answer the questions that they have.

They need a site that will talk about a variety of topics – so that they can figure out what is best for them.

They can use this information to really understand what is the best fit for them.

The Mega Business Article Bundle will help you teach your audience about important topics whether they are in the beginning stages of planning or have decided to scale up their business because of the wide range of topics in this bundle.

In this Mega Business Article Bundle you’ll get:

  1. 10 Podcasting Articles
  2. 10 Business Start Up Articles
  3. 10 Home Based Business Articles
  4. 10 Market Research Articles
  5. 10 Networking Articles
  6. 10 Presentation Articles
  7. 10 Social Media Networking Articles
  8. 10 Viral Marketing Articles
  9. 10 Webinars Articles
  10. 10 Work at Home Articles
  11. 7-Page Report – Growth Mindset: The Key to Success In Your Life

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In this bundle you’ll mostly get articles that are chalked full of great topics, but you’ll also get one report that will help them switch their mindset.  Sometimes the mind is the hardest part of working online or in your own business.

Use these articles to load up your blog and schedule them out to save you time.  The more articles you have on your site – the more chances someone has to find you!

Here’s what you’ll get in each article pack:

Podcasting Articles PLR

Topic Titles :

1. Podcasting Basic For Beginners (600 words)
2. Tips for Finding Relevant Interviewees for Your Podcast (592 words)
3. Podcasting Tools You Can’t Do Without (667 words)
4. How to Grow Your Audience for Your Podcast (600 words)
5. How to Find Inspiration for Your Podcasts (686 words)
6. Don’t Make These Podcasting Mistakes (662 words)
7. How to Make Money from Your Podcasts (639 words)
8. 11 Commonly Asked Questions about Podcasting (673 words)
9. 16 Tips for Giving a Successful Interview (701 words)
10. 40 Great Questions to Ask in an Interview (634 words)

Get in both Text and Word Format 

Business Start Up Articles PLR

Topic Titles :

1.) Creating Your Action Plan and Online Business Timeline (577 words)
2.) Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Mindset (518 words)
3.) How to Identify Your Target Audience and Ideal Customer (470 words)
4.) How to Make Your Business Stand Out from the Competition (453 words)
5.) How to Perform a SWOT Analysis for Your Online Business Idea (487 words)
6.) Mind Mapping to Assess Your Strengths (475 words)
7.) Starting an Online Business (485 words)
8.) Ten Things You Want to Know about Your Competition (434 words)
9.) Top Questions to Ask before Launching Your Own Business (472 words)
10.) Why It’s Important to Study Your Competition (472 words)

Get in both Text and Word Format 


Home Based Business PLR

Topic Titles :

1. Common Mistakes Home Bakers Make (559 words)
2. Apps for Creative Entrepreneurs(529 words)
3. Home Business Ideas for the Creative Person (564 words)
4. How to Protect Your New Business Idea (516 words)
5. How to Sell Crafts of Amazon (507 words)
6. Tips for Running a Creative Business (528 words)
7. Top Social Media Platforms for Marketing Your Craft Business (627 words)
8. Ways to Sell Your Crafts Online and Offline (521 words)
9. What You Need to Know about Running a Baking Business from Your Home (509 words)
10. What You Need to Know about Running a Catering Business from Your Home (585 words)

Get in both Text and Word Format & Tweets for each article

Market Research Articles PLR

Topic Titles :

1.) Who Should Conduct Your Market Research? (562 words)
2.) Where to Find Reliable Data about Your Market (509 words)
3.) What to Look At When Conducting Market Research (449 words)
4.) What Is Included in Your Secondary Research? (561 words)
5.) Tools to Help You with Your Market Research (517 words)
6.) Quantitative Results and Qualitative Results – Why You Need Both (517 words)
7.) How to Organize Your Market Research Data (527 words)
8.) How to Gather Your Primary Research Data (561 words)
9.) How Important Is Market Research to Your Business? (564 words)
10.) Common Mistakes Made When Conducting Market Research (607 words)

Get in both Text and Word Format & Tweets for each article 

Presentation Articles PLR

Topic Titles :

1.) Different Types of Presentations (533 words)
2.) How to Build a Sales Pitch into Your Presentation (540 words)
3.) How to Get Your Audience Involved in the Presentation (516 words)
4.) How to Improve Your Presentations (489 words)
5.) It’s Not Just PowerPoint (491 words)
6.) Seven Common Mistakes When Making a Presentation (555 words)
7.) Ten Tips for a Successful Presentation (540 words)
8.) The Importance of Planning Your Presentation (503 words)
9.) What to Do If the Technology Fails (468 words)
10.) Coping Strategies for Presentation Nerves (467 words)

Get in both Text and Word Format & Tweets for each article

Social Media Networking PLR

Topic Titles :

1. 7 Costly Social Media Mistakes (550 words)
2. 8 Habits of Successful Social Media Marketers (618 words)
3. Boost Your Ratings and Reviews for More Authority (770 words)
4. Gaining Insight Through Monitoring Social Media Platforms (651 words)
5. How To Build a Strong Online Community – It’s Not Always About the Numbers (649 words)
6. How To Simplify Your Social Media Marketing Strategies (607 words)
7. Top Tips for Connecting With Niche Influencers (652 words)
8. Using Social Media to Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader (500 words)
9. Where to Focus Your Attention: Top 5 Social Media Sites (675 words)
10. Writing For More Reader Interaction (565 words)

Get in both Text and Word Format & Tweets for each article

Viral Marketing PLR

Topic Titles :

1.) Do Tell a Friend Campaigns Still Work (482 words)
2.) Getting PR Attention is Easier Than You Think (491 words)
3.) How to Create a Viral Infographics (458 words)
4.) How to Create Viral Videos for Under $200 (485 words)
5.) How to Get More Likes, Follows, Stumbles or Subscribes (492 words)
6.) Marketing Stunts: Coming Up with a Brilliant Angle (474 words)
7.) Turning Viral Traffic into Cash (527 words)
8.) Using StumbleUpon for Instant Viral Traffic (527 words)
9.) What Kind of Content Tends to Go Viral? (510 words)
10.) What Motivates People to Pass Content On? (479 words)

Get in both Text and Word Format

Networking PLR

Topic Titles :

1. Why Networking Is So Important (555 words)
2. Five Ways to Network Locally (550 words)
3. Important Considerations When Networking Globally (517 words)
4. Making the Most of Social Media (715 words)
5. Making the Most of Your Friends When Network (607 words)
6. Networking Tips If You Are Introverted (572 words)
7. The Importance of Face-to-Face Networking (506 words)
8. Top Networking Apps for Business (591 words)
9. Common Networking Mistakes to Avoid (571 words)
10. Do’s and Don’ts at Local Events (547 words)

Get in both Text and Word Format & Tweets for each article

Webinars PLR

Topic Titles :

1. Basic Etiquette for Webinars (697 words)
2. Benefits of Having an Open Mic Q & A Session (552 words)
3. Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Your Products during Your Webinar (595 words)
4. How Long Is Too Long for a Webinar? (625 words)
5. How to Keep Your Guest Speaker (and Yourself) On Track (509 words)
6. How to Make Your Audience Love Your Live Events and Come Back for More (573 words)
7. Support Personnel You Need on Standby (463 words)
8. Tips for Recruiting Speakers for Your Webinar (534 words)
9. Tips to Create a Compelling Webinar Agenda (659 words)
10. Using Chat Effectively during Your Webinar (634 words)

Get in both Text and Word Format & Tweets for each article

Work at Home PLR

Topic Titles :

1.Common Work-at-Home Positions You Can Apply For (914 words)
2.Home Business or Work-at-Home Job – Which Is Right for You? (957 words)
3.How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work Part Time from Home (612 words)
4.How to Make Money before You Have Products to Sell (726 words)
5.How to Talk to Your Family about Working from Home (757 words)
6.How to Tell Legitimate Opportunities from Scams (646 words)
7.Nine Ways to Show Your Expertise When First Starting Out (532 words)
8.Pros and Cons of Working for Yourself (733 words)
9.Top Ten Home Business Ideas for Parents (802 words)
10.Top Ten Legitimate Companies That Offer Work-at-Home Jobs (723 words)

Get in both Text and Word Format

But that isn’t all you’ll get…

Growth Mindset: The Key to Success In Your Life

7-Page, 2,209 words report, “The Key to Success In Your Life”

In this report, you’ll get a short intro to the topic and conclusion.

Table of Contents:

  • Intro
  • Changing Your Mind
  • How to Change Your Mind in Order to Change Your Life
  • Steps to Developing a Growth Mindset

Get in the report in both Text and Word Format, the eCover comes in JPEG, PNG & PSD

Take advantage of this Business Article Combo for this price because this is only going to last a few days.  This bundle will help you get more readers.

Business Article Combo Normally $37 –

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