Family Is Life Dated Planner

This Done-For-You Family Is Love Management Planner Template is allowed for commercial use.It has 12 unique planner page designs and is a complete 12 dated planner.This planner is designed to help your audience to keep track of their family schedule for the year, month and day.


Boost Your Focus & Energy Challenge

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Simple Sales Funnel Idea With Example

Want to create a simple sales funnel? Funnels are an important part of your online business, but a lot of people don’t know how to create one. There really isn’t a right or wrong way to make a funnel. Even if you give a group of people the exact same content they can all set it up different based on what their goals of their business and the funnel are.


Use Inspiration To Your Advantage & Don’t Quit :)

This morning I started writing my email and decided to talk about how you could use the content you’ve just purchased for simple funnels in your business. I know that I have PLR on this exact topic and I knew you would benefit from the content. I intended to create an email series over the next few days.

Inspiration struck!

Building a Simple Funnel From PLR Content

One way to use PLR is to build funnels.  I love funnels.  Why?  Because they help your audience with their next step, and they’ll add revenue in your business.

Just be careful that you don’t get stuck on needing an entire funnel before you release anything.  I’ve done that before.  It is okay to slowly grow your funnels out.

I love that you can use PLR to build a simple opt-in funnel. I’m going to go through the process so you can see how simple it is to do using private label rights content.


Kick Negative Thoughts To Curb Journal Blog Post

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Enjoy the Small Things For a Better Life Challenge

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Make Money Selling on Etsy

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6 Ways To Start a Vision Board PLR

       Create and Get The Most Out Of Your Vision Board Accomplish Your goals because you can visualize them Use This Short Report as a Freebie, Add It To Your Site For a Pillar Post, Repurpose & Do Both! Introducing the 6 Ways To Start & Get More Out Of Read More

Pre-Written Back Pain Content Bundle

In this Pre-Written Back Pain Content bundle –articles, a report compiled of the articles, keywords, and royalty free images, you’ll be able to teach your audience on how to handle back pain. They’ll be able to understand why the pain occurs and find out ways to avoid it. By knowing Read More