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November 10, 2021

Content Blog Slant Idea: Share The Most Important Just Starting Out Tip with Your Readers


As a coach, blogger, or entrepreneuer it is essential to blog consistently, but then the ideas start to dry up.  Using PLR helps, but you don't want to just post the content on your site as is.  You need blog post ideas to help you slant your done-for-you content.

I've got you covered.  Not only do I share the idea, but I give you examples of how you can do it using PLR.

One blog slant idea is....

Share The Most Important Just Starting Out Tip With Your Readers

Whenever you are leading a niche audience, you’ll find many of your followers coming to you with a concern about focusing on the most important thing they should know.

Many of them will know that they need to understand many different concepts, but they want to start with the vital things in the very beginning. Much of this stems from their desire to avoid taking any missteps at the start of their journey.

In just about every niche, there is one hard and fast rule that everyone should know and understand.

Where Do You Find The Most Valuable Lesson For Newbies?

If you’re just getting started you might not know what that is, but all you have to do is some research. 

Check out these ideas to get what you need…

  1. You can find these lessons as the main topic of many different books in your niche.
  2. You can look in forums and see the same questions being asked again and again, or the same advice being offered repeatedly.
  3. You can use your own experience to look back on your journey and think about what you wish you had known from the very beginning.

Now that you’ve figure it out, what do you do?

I’m going to go over a few examples of how to create this blog post content idea and use PLR doing it.  Below you'll get two tips.  In one I've used a blog post pack that is easier to use because it is the right format.  The second one is a report that you can transform into a pillar or ultimate blog post on the topic.

Healthy Lifestyle Niche Example

If you are in the dieting niche, you might come up with a slant such as, “The Single Most Important Things You Can Do to Lose Weight.” One of the most obvious tips we see in the health niche is that you have to drink enough water.

So, your blog post might detail the importance of drinking plenty of water when they are trying to lose weight. It can talk about the amount of water they should drink, how drinking a glass of water before meals helps them eat fewer calories, and more.

In this one we're going to use a PLR pack that is on the topic of infused water not losing weight, but you can make it work by following the action steps below.


Action Steps:

  • Download this Infused Water For Better Health PLR pack, then open The Benefits of Infused Water up because this is the one you’re going to use for this slant.
  • Create a similar title as above, then write an intro that incorporates the importance of drinking plenty of water.
  • After you’ve added the introduction, you’re going to go through the content and make it fit with the slant above.  This might mean you’ll take out paragraph, change words, and / or add more content to make it work with your main point of the blog post you’re creating.
  • Ninja Steps: Take the combined report of the Infused Water for Better Health, save as a PDF to create a freebie, then go to your email autoresponder to set it up.  When you’re done you’ll want to put the opt-in form throughout the blog post or at the end.

Personal Development Niche Example

If you are in the success niche, you might come up with a slant such as, “The #1 Mindset Shift You Need to Change to Succeed.” One of the things you may have witnessed in your own journey, either by others or even yourself, is that self-doubt can hold people back from putting themselves out there as a niche leader.

Therefore, your number one tip could be to work on their self-doubt mindset.  When they learn to change their negative thoughts, it is going to change their entire outlook on what they can accomplish, then they’ll be able to lead without hesitation and trust that they’re the expert in their field.

This example takes a little more time because you'll be using a different format.  It shouldn't take that much time and once you get the hang of it you'll be able to turn any done-for-you report into a pillar or ultimate blog post.


Action steps:

  • Download the Self-Doubt PLR pack. You could easily create a pillar or ultimate blog post out of it, but when you look at the topics of the report it starts out talking about self-doubt.  I wouldn’t start my blog post like that.  You want to focus on creating an intro that talks about the The #1 Mindset Shift You Need to Change to Succeed.
  • Once you have your intro you’ll want to go through the eBook and pull out the information that you want to include in your blog post.  Only use the content that works with your overall theme.
  • After you’ve decided what you want, you’ll go through and talk about why this is a shift you need to make to be successful.  This could be a sentence here and there.  You just want to bring the slant all the way through the blog post.
  • Then  make sure that any reference to the content being a report needs to be taken out or the wording changed to make it work as a blog post.
  • Ninja Steps: This PLR pack comes with an eCourse, as well as the report – you could create an opt-in out of either of those to help your audience even more.


So, for this step you’re going to want to make a list of what you believe is the number one tip for your niche. Then you’ll create a blog post based on that tip either from scratch or with PLR. 

You could also create a top 10, 20, etc. list of the most important tips in your niche. This list will give your audience an overview of them all. Then work through them one by one. To do that take each tip and expand on it in another blog post.

But to make this strategy work you’ll need to pick one that you feel is the most important tip.




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