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Vlog Challenge #10 – Getting Your Categories Set Up

In this video I said it was video 9, but it is actually 10.  I did a whole bunch together and rearranged after to fit a better content delivery schedule. I talk about setting up categories for the site that you are going to be putting the PLR on.  While Read More

Vlog Challenge #9 – How Much PLR Should You Use On Your Site

Today I talk about how to have a plan in place before you start using PLR on your site.  You’ll need to decide on how much PLR you want to use on your website, what formats of PLR you’ll be using and how much do you want to change the PLR? Read More

Vlog Challenge #8 – New Project For Implementing PLR

I’ve decided to start a new project while implementing PLR to do it.  I have a travel website and I need to fill it of content. Also, I said this was day 6 — but I was doing a bunch of vlogs at the same time and I might have Read More

Vlog Challenge #7 – Getting Past That Cheating Feeling When Using PLR

Today I talk about when you’ve got a project that you are passionate about it and are struggling because you want to use PLR, but feel like it would be cheating. Take a look at what I have to say on the subject. Also, I say that I could not Read More

Vlog Challenge #5 – Saving Time With Meal Planning & An Affiliate Program You Can Join

A couple of days ago one of the people on my list asked me how to organize people in their niche in order to stay up to date on products each other were launching. We talked a little and she owns a meal planning site that she bought.  I asked Read More

Vlog Challenge #4 – How To Organize People In Your Niche To Keep Up To Date

A few days ago I had someone contact me and she said that PLR Sellers support each other really well and wanted to know how to do that in her industry. If you’d like to participate in the vlogging challenge Tiffany is holding it.  You’ll find it here – Read More

Vlog Challenge #2 – Learn About The Plugin That Is Frustrating Me!

Today I talk about a plugin that is frustrating me and what I think the company needs to do.  :0) You can still join the challenge  – If you have any tips or suggestions about this plugin – please let me know.  

Vlog Challenge Day 3 – How Extensive Should You Change Your PLR?

Today I recorded video’s one, two and three – but if you notice I skipped posting day two.  Why?  Because I think I covered up the microphone and I couldn’t hear anything I was saying.  I will have to redo that video, but until then on this video I talk Read More

Vlog Challenge Day #1 – What To Do When You Get Overwhelmed With Your PLR

Today is the first video blog that I did.  I talk about what to do when you get all that great PLR content and then you start getting overwhelmed with the sure volume of pieces that are in the bundle. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave a Read More

Baby Boomer and Over 50 PLR – Where to Find It

Top PLR Packs For the Over 50 and Baby Boomer Niche Health and fitness is a HUGE niche. Then if you niche down a little more into a specific group like the baby boomers and over 50 crowd you’ve got a market that is hungry for information. They are active Read More