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Day 1 – To Rewrite or Not? That is the Question

Hi! Today I wanted to talk a little about PLR – why you should rewrite it, duplicate content and when NOT to rewrite. There are tons of different ways to use DFY products, but when you first think of PLR – what do you think? UsePLRMost people think they have Read More

Day 2 – 4 How to Rewrite PLR Steps You Can Benefit From Today

Hi! Yesterday I went over Why You Should Rewrite, Talked about Duplicate Content and When You Should Rewrite Your PLR – Click HERE to read all about it. Today I’m going to teach you four easy steps to help you rewrite your done-for-you content. 4 Amazing How to Rewrite PLR Steps Read More

Day 3 – 3 Ways To Make Done-For-You Content Unique By Adding To It

Hi! Let’s get to the series.  Over the past couple of days I’ve been going over a few aspects of myths about duplicate content and how to rewrite (or not rewrite) the articles. You can take a look at them below: Day 1 Day 2 Today I’m going to go over Read More

Day 4 – 5 Ways to Include Your Personality Into Done-For-You Content

    5 Ways to Include Your Personality Into Done-For-You Content One thing that is strongly recommended when you’re using done-for-you content is to make it unique” in some way. The good news is that this does not mean that you have to rewrite it completely. In fact, there is Read More


Why It’s Important To Help Your Audience Set Goals

You’re probably like most of us and have heard dozens of times in your life that it’s important to set goals.  You might even set them in for your life and business. But do you talk about them on your blog? People need help setting goals, keeping motivated and not Read More

Grow Your List

How To Combine Two PLR Packs To Grow Your List

Using your PLR can be a daunting task sometimes. There are a lot of things that will go through your mind – what can I do with it? How can I use it?Then how do I promote what I just did. I’ve got some ideas on how you can use Read More

How to Structure Your Site For Max Results

Structure Your Blog Categories, WordPress Tags With SEO & Blog Keywords For Maximum Results

Create Blog Categories, WordPress Tags With SEO & Blog Keywords When you’re building your site there are a few steps you should be doing before that step.  Creating your blog categories, wordpress tags with seo and blog keywords. Why do you want to do this? So that you can leverage Read More

How to Use DFY Recipes on Your Blog

How to Use DFY Recipes on Your Blog If you’ve been on my list for very long you know that I love Trish Lindemood’s done-for-you recipes on her site at Kitchen Blogger.  I’m going to show you how to take DFY recipe and make it your own. I like how you Read More

How To Create an Infographic From a Top 10 PLR List

One way to use all the pre-written content that you have on your hard drive is to turn it into a different format.  This might sound like a lot of work, but it really isn’t.  There are so many formats that you can use and one that people LOVE are Read More

Easy Way to Turn DFY Planners Into a 30 Day Challenge Product & Earn Money

Coach Glue is a site that offers premium done for you products.  One of their signature products are amazing planners.  You can edit, brand and use these in your business to earn more money! >>You can take a look at their entire list of planners HERE.<< Pick one that you Read More