Have you been thinking about different ways that you can help your audience in this pandemic?  Right now it doesn’t matter what niche you’re in people need your help.

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Done-For-You Health

If you’re in the health niche people want to boost their immune system and become healthier overall.

  1. Niche Starter Packs – Infused Water for Better Health
  2. Niche Starter Packs – Popular Health Diet PLR
  3. Niche Starter Packs – All About Gut Health Combo PLR Bundle
  4. Niche Starter Packs – Hearth Health PLR Bundle
  5. Niche Starter Packs – Healthy Superfood Smoothies Content Bundle
  6. Niche Starter Packs – Big Health, Fitness and Diet Content Bundle
  7. Niche Starter Packs – Mindful Eating Content Bundle
  8. Niche Starter Packs – Ready Made Nutrition Content Bundle
  9. Health & Wellness PLR – Fall Health Mega PLR Bundle (Coupon code: itsalmostspring – save 50% – on ANY of the Health & Wellness PLR packs)
  10. Health & Wellness PLR – Intuitive Eating PLR Bundle
  11. Health & Wellness PLR – Health PLR Articles
  12. Susie O’Dea – “Heart Health” PLR
  13. Health & Wellness – Immune Health
  14. Health & Wellness – No Equipment Exercise
  15. Health & Wellness – Stress Relief
  16. Health & Wellness – Walking For Health
  17. Tiffany Lambert – Boost Your System (BRAND NEW)

Done-For-You Gardening Topics & Bundles

Gardening is going to be a hot topic because people are going to want to be able to have food that they’ve grown themselves.

  1. Niche Starter Packs – 10 Day Gardening eCourse
  2. Niche Starter Packs – Garden Decorating Ideas PLR
  3. Niche Starter Packs – Recycled Lawn and Garden Ideas Content Bundle
  4. Niche Starter Packs – Gardening For Depression
  5. Niche Starter Packs – Fairy Garden PLR Bundle
  6. Health & Wellness PLR – Herbal Gardening PLR
  7. Loretta Oliver – Herb Gardening PLR Article Package
  8. Kitchen Bloggers – Food Gardening Mega PLR Pack
  9. Huw Hughes – Absolute Organic Gardening PLR
  10. Dee Power – Garden Mania PLR

Done-For-You Organization

Organization is going to be big because people need something to do while they’re in their house and this is something that most people mean to do but never get around to doing it.

  1. Niche Starter Packs – Simplicity Decluttering Your Life PLR Bundle
  2. Niche Starter Packs – Pre-Written Top Kitchen Organization Content Bundle
  3. Niche Starter Packs – Organization PLR
  4. Ruth Pound (Content Shortcut) – Organize Your Life
  5. Piggy Makes Bank – Declutter Your Life PLR
  6. Piggy Makes Bank – Home Organization

Done-For-You Stress, Anxiety, Mental Health & Sleep

Stress, anxiety, mental health, and sleep are all being talked about because we’re so unsure of what is going on.  This virus is so new we have no idea how long it stays on surfaces or how to be safe while we’re out.  Not only that but millions of people are sitting at home not earning an income and they’ve got mortgages, car payments and other bills to pay.

  1. Niche Starter Packs –  Blog Series & Marketing Kit: Toxic Worrying
  2. Niche Starter Packs – Be Happy Combo PLR Bundle
  3. Niche Starter Packs – Pre-Written Essential Oils Content Bundle
  4. Niche Starter Packs – Sleep & Stress Relief PLR Bundle
  5. Niche Starter Packs – Written Stress And Anxiety Content Bundle
  6. Niche Starter Packs – Stress PLR
  7. Niche Starter Packs – Blog Series and Marketing Kit: Toxic Worrying
  8. Niche Starter Packs – Worry Journaling Blog Series & Marketing Kit
  9. Niche Starter Packs – Importance of Self Care PLR
  10. Niche Starter Packs – Essential Oil Basics Combo PLR Bundle – Vol 1
  11. Niche Starter Packs – Journaling & Anxiety Combo PLR Content Bundle
  12. Niche Starter Packs – Essential Oils Basics
  13. Niche Starter Packs – Blog Marketing Kit: Energized With Tai Chi Series
  14. Niche Starter Packs – Done For You Self-Help Articles
  15. Niche Starter Packs – Emotional Overeating PLR
  16. Piggy Makes Bank – Mental Health Awareness

Done-For-You Cooking & Essentials

Cooking at home has become a necessity overnight.  We’re no longer going to fast food places or stopping for pizza because we don’t feel like cooking.

  1. Niche Starter Packs – Cooking at Home More (Use Coupon Code: 2020)
  2. Niche Starter Packs – Home Cooking
  3. Niche Starter Packs – Cooking Tips for Busy Moms
  4. Niche Starter Packs – Meal Prep and Quick Ideas PLR
  5. Niche Starter Packs – Comfort Food PLR
  6. Piggy Makes Bank – Prepper Pantry
  7. Kitchen Bloggers – Instant Pot Series
  8. Kitchen Bloggers – 5-Ingredient Recipes (Vol 2)
  9. Kitchen Bloggers – Healthy One Pot Comfort Food Cooking
  10. Kitchen Bloggers – Slow Cooker (Vol 2)
  11. Kitchen Bloggers – Comfort Cooking Mega PLR

Done-For-You Business

People are transition their businesses online, they’re working at home or they are thinking of opportunities they can do to earn money online.  This is a golden opportunity to help a whole lot of people with web design, business ideas, and getting online as quickly as they can.  As well as getting traffic, building a brand, getting leads and earning money as soon as possible.

  1. Niche Starter Packs – Doing Facebook Live Scared
  2. Niche Starter Packs – Linked In For Business Growth
  3. Niche Starter Packs – Getting Maximum Results From Facebook Stories
  4. Niche Starter Packs – Blogging to Brand Yourself Online
  5. Niche Starter Packs – Video Marketing for Shy People
  6. Niche Starter Packs – Local Expert Combo
  7. Niche Starter Packs – Home Biz Combo
  8. Niche Starter Packs – 10 Home Based Business
  9. Niche Starter Packs – Work at Home
  10. Niche Starter Packs – Guide Business Owners In Getting Online Presence For Their Business
  11. Piggy Makes Bank – Using List Segments To Boost Your Income
  12. Nick James – Done-For-You Internet Marketing Newsletter

Customizable Survival & Prepper Content

Now more than ever people want to know how to use what they have and prepare as much as they can. The shelves are empty and people are starting to freak out so to feel in control they’re going to be more interested in this topic.

  1. Piggy Makes Bank – Free Disaster Preparedness Articles
  2. Piggy Makes Bank – Emergency Preparedness Basics.

Done-For-You Lifestyle & Family

And helping children through this by engaging them, keeping them safe and bonding with them during this time.

—I know there are a few bundles with this type of content and I’m looking for you. As soon as I find them I’ll add them to this ever-growing list.

  1. Niche Starter Packs – Chores For Kids
  2. Niche Starter Packs – Pre-Written Kid Crafts
  3. Publish For Prosperity – Better Conversation Content Bundle

Done-For-You Training Programs

Teaching people how to do things right now when they are home to grow their business or work effectively at home is essential. We’ve got millions of people at home right now so that means more interaction and more engagement.

Yesterday I got an email from someone who said that people who signed up for his webinar and attended was at 44%! Tons of people are actually signing up and participating in these types of training.

  1. Content Sparks – Eliminate Business Overwhelm Done-For-You Training Program
  2. Content Sparks – Leading & Coaching Your Dream Team
  3. Content Sparks – How To Create Your Group Coaching
  4. Content Sparks – Build Your Audience Using Social Media
  5. List Magnets – The Complete Guide to Creating Profitable Webinars’
  6. Aurelius Tjin – Webinar PLR

Low Content Books (Commercial Use)

  1. Thrive Anywhere – One Good Thing Memory Book (Free)
  2. Thrive Anywhere – 30 Day Fitness Planner
  3. Createful Journals – Goals & Resolution Journal
  4. PLR Planners –  Self Exploration Journal

As I find more content that is going to build your audience and help them through this time – I will add it to this page, so come back to see what is new. If you’ve got a specific topic you’d like to talk about and I haven’t included it – reach out to me on my contact form or through social media.


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